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Emily Blunt's tight ass dress was in dire need of unzipping

I'm sure a dress with a big zipper running down the length of it, like the one Emily Blunt wore for her appearance on the Kimmel show last night, has a certain utilitarian functionality. Something so tight across the ass must be a real pain in the ass to take off without some kind of an easy release method to it. That kind of dress is also something of a cruel taunt to those of us who must...
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Even a dressy Ronda Rousey looks like she could hand you your ass

I have a whole series of thoughts and feelings that come to mind when presented with images of Ronda Rousey . I'm not much for the women with the extremely ripped bodies. The manlier they look, the less interest I have. Call me conventional, but I like for a woman to look like a woman. Ronda is right on the cusp of being out of bounds for me, though at this point I'm still down with her. Girl...
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Alice Eve takes her cleavage to Kimmel, doesn't apologize

Being a writer for a site such as this, my opinion on the matter of Alice Eve 's "inappropriate" bikini appearance in STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS might may not be of value to some of you. Even if my open love for breasts somehow demerits my point of view, I think it's completely absurd for the writer of a big summer movie to apologize for being "gratuitous",...
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