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Emily Blunt's tight ass dress was in dire need of unzipping

I'm sure a dress with a big zipper running down the length of it, like the one Emily Blunt wore for her appearance on the Kimmel show last night, has a certain utilitarian functionality. Something so tight across the ass must be a real pain in the ass to take off without some kind of an easy release method to it. That kind of dress is also something of a cruel taunt to those of us who must...
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Even a dressy Ronda Rousey looks like she could hand you your ass

I have a whole series of thoughts and feelings that come to mind when presented with images of Ronda Rousey . I'm not much for the women with the extremely ripped bodies. The manlier they look, the less interest I have. Call me conventional, but I like for a woman to look like a woman. Ronda is right on the cusp of being out of bounds for me, though at this point I'm still down with her. Girl...
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