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Kimberley Garner classes up her hot ass for the Royal Ascot

It's been a mixture of tantalization and tragedy at this year's Royal Ascot races. I see they just had to put down of the Queen's horses after it broke its foot in a race. Always a shame when that happens. On the plus side of this event is Kimberley Garner here, doing her thing in line with the rest of the uppity English swells running around in their big hats. I'm curious if Kimberley is...
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Kimberley Garner endures the tough life of a swimsuit model once again

Kimberly Garner is such a trooper, gutting it out on those warm, sunny Cannes beaches in her sexy swimwear. Yeah, sure. There's no shortage of people enjoying the comforts and rewards that come with a celebrity life without doing a whole lot to earn them. Kimberley is one of the most gratuitous in that bunch. Girl can always be found jetting down to some lush paradise to strut her...
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