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Keri Russell takes 'em out for the 2016 Tony Awards

Binge watching The Americans has been on my to-do list since universal appraisal spread across the internet with each passing episode. It's one of those things I never got around to; all the while seasons mounted up - it's up to four. However, with the emergence of these Keri Russell pics, I think I'm now properly motivated to strap in for hours upon hours of top-tier spy...
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TGIFs: Soaking Wet Gifs Edition (Exclusive)

This past week saw the official conclusion of summer, but the sun is still ablaze and people are looking for any excuse to dump pails of water all over themselves. Last year, we had the "ALS ice bucket challenge" excuse, but apparently that was a one time deal. It doesn't help that we're smack dab in the middle of a drought over here in California,...
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Keri Russell rocks her retro two piece like a true American

While on vacation with her family in Australia, "The Americans" star Keri Russell threw things into reverse in terms of her swimsuit style, showcasing her fir 39-year old frame in a high waisted bikini. The trolls of the internet are trying to give her shit for being too old-fashioned but let's get real here. This is a fashionable bikini that covers all of the major bases, still allows for...
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