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Hottie Report Card: Emma Roberts

Today is Emma Roberts' 26th birthday. And it should be a happy birthday, since things seem to be going pretty well for Emma lately. I have to admit, there were times toward the start of her acting career when I wasn't sure we would still be talking about her years down the line. She's got some big shoes to fill. Fortunately, Emma got enough of her famous family's acting skills to at...
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Hot or Not: Julia Roberts

I don't know if there was enough feedback from last week to get a definitive answer as to Sky Ferreira's hotness, although the responses that were taken in were mostly positive. There's just something about those pale skinned, expressionless girls that guys seem to dig. As for this week, I'm going to touch on someone who's been around in the public eye a lot longer, having different...
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Face Off: Zoey Deutch vs. Emma Roberts

Gal Gadot was the obvious choice over Bar Refaeli in last week's Face Off . That one was a little unfair considering how popular Gal is right now. But as is usually the case, if they were both right here in this room with me now, I'd have a lot more trouble deciding between them. Friday sees us going back in time once again with director Richard Linklater and his movie...
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Julia Roberts showing some leg on the red carpet

We're only a week out from the worldwide release of The Secret in Their Eyes ; the PG-13 remake of the Argentinian movie with the same name. Usually if a movie is a week away from release and not a single review is up, it's not a good sign. Added to that, foreign remakes usually are nothing more than pale imitations of superior films – save for a few exceptions. I don't...
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