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Nicole Scherzinger puts the booty in X Factor's Boot Camp

We've been featuring a lot of Nicole Scherzinger vacation pics lately, showing the former Pussycat Dolls singer in various bikinis and skin-revealing summer wear. The one time we couldn't show you was when Nicole's new beau took it upon himself to slip her bikini top off and give her a good rub & squeeze but I'm sure that if you're so inclined to Google "Nicole Scherzinger boob slip bikini...
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Jessica Chastain closed Cannes just like she opened it, with classy cleavage

I didn't pay much attention to the actual winners and losers at this year's Cannes Film Festival. Let me guess - the winner was some obscure European film I'll never see. Right? Probably. They're nothing if not predictable. Makes me wonder why American movies even bother with that festival anymore. It's pretty clear the European and US film industries are going in opposite directions. It wont...
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Jennifer Lopez covered all the crowd pleasing bases at the Billboard awards

I recall once having a lot more negative things to say about Jennifer Lopez than positive ones. That was back when her career was smashing against the rocks and her relationship bullshit was at it's very worst. You'd have thought she was the worst person on Earth then. That was before the Kardashian's made her excessive media coverage look like virtual obscurity. I still find Jennifer's...
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