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The years continue to treat Jewel Kilcher well

I wonder if it's only derelicts from the 90s like myself who hold former chart toppers like Jewel Kilcher in such reverence. Girl made a powerful impression on me back in the day as a sweet songbird with a giant rack, but it's been awhile since we've seen her make those big splashes like she once did in the music charts. I can only assume everyone has moved on. Even so, it's...
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Jewel Kilcher brings the guitar and the bongos to her live shows

Seems like Jewel Kilcher is one of those 90s relics only folks from those days can really appreciate. I suspect it was going from her folky roots to more pop inspired stuff that caused her career to falter. That's too bad, because she was one of the brighter spots on the music scene back in the day, with a voice of an angel and a face to match. She's still around today, but people clearly...
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