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Jessica Hart, in all her gap-toothed glory, nipples up to GQ

25-year old Australian model Jessica Hart don't give a f*ck. Right now she's one of the most sought after print models and whether you prefer to call her gap-toothed or get fancy and refer to her picket fence grill with its technical "diastema" term, she's not slowing down. Featured in the September 2014 issue of GQ magazine in a see-through top showing off her pierced nipple, you have to...
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Amanda isn't the only actress going out and about these days, just ask Amy, Dianna, Eva, Kaley and more

It seems that I might be focusing too much on the tawdry angle of what's going down in the life of Amanda Bynes, so how about we see what other actresses are doing, eh? Amy Smart went to a friend's birthday party, bringing her pokies as one of the best gifts ever. Dianna Agron got on the phone to try and get answers on why Kristen Bell named her newborn daughter LINCOLN....
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Jessica Hart has a gap in her teeth, if you can overlook her awesome Aussie body to find it

I like me some good looking Australian chicks. I also used to think that Lauren Hutton was the most glamourous woman I'd ever seen, spawning from her being the vamp who preyed on Jim Carrey in ONCE BITTEN. So when I caught onto these images of Aussie model, Jessica Hart as she posed for Maxim Australian to introduce herself as the latest Victoria's Secret Angel, I was hooked. Sure, she's got...
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