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Model Jessica Gomes wears a bikini that's just a little too small for her

You can't really go wrong with a bikini either undersized or oversized on a body like the one SI Swimsuit hottie Jessica Gomes owns. If it's a too small bikini like this one, parts of the wearer will be pushing out all over in great ways. And if it's too big a bikini, it will be constantly falling off the wearer's sexy body. It's a win-win for everyone. Speaking of bikini-wearing, Jessica is...
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Sports Illustrated takes their swimsuit hotties on an American road trip

It's that time of year again when Sports Illustrated and their annual swimsuit edition prompts us all to take a minute and appreciate the power and beauty of hot models in bikinis. We do that here all year long, but I'm talking about the universal us. This is when you might see some hot SI bikini model on the nightly news. Well, maybe not this year, as they really went all out with their...
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