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Battle of the Babes #232: John C Reilly's Babes Battle

I haven't been all excited about the movies which have been getting released recently but for whatever itch at the back of my brain, I really want to go see WRECK-IT RALPH . I suppose it's because I'm old enough to remember when we could go to the arcade and play these low bit games. Maybe because it's nice that John C Reilly has become such a big name that he's recognizable by voice...
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Jenna Fischer is my favorite famous every girl

So it's pretty clear that perennial fan favorite The Office is starting to jump the shark in a lot of ways, much like the network that airs it. Now that Steve Carell is gone and so many of the characters have changed, it just doesn't feel like the same show anymore. Most every show does this, eventually. A premise just gets old and the folks behind it can't come up with anything interesting...
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Body Shop: Mikaela Hoover

To start off the new year I always like to try and find a somewhat unknown hottie that looks poised to break out a bit. This week's lady fits the bill almost too well, because she's so unknown that finding useable pics of her was a major PITA. Still, despite some dodgy rez, I think you'll find she's well worth exploring. My friends, meet: MIKAELA HOOVER !...
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