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Top 6 Hottest Movie Cops (video)

Most of the time when discussing cops in movies, the characters being mentioned are guys. There are countless examples of the heroic cop shooting his way through the bad guys, or alternatively, the crooked cop destined to get what's coming to him. Yet every once in a while, along will come a female as a nice change up to the movie law enforcement sausage fest. Within that group there...
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Top 6 Hottest Thong Scenes From Movies (video)

You gotta love a hottie in a thong. It's like a best of both worlds thing, wherein hotties can continue to wear underwear, but still showcase all the best parts of the areas underwear might otherwise conceal. Being as fun as thongs are, it should come as no big surprise to see movies frequently utilizing them for a nice little boost to their sexy. Here are 6 hotties from movies who put...
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This is what I love about the 80s

I found myself in serious flashback territory the other day when I happened upon these pics by photographer David Hauserman. Hearkening back to the birth of the aerobics craze of the early 80s, these pics encapsulate the bulk of why most dudes in the 80s got gym memberships. Of course I was but little kid at that time, yet with enough understanding that there was something very significant...
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