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Jenni "J-Woww" Farley goes to Rehab at Hard Rock Hotel, gives prizes for bikinis

While "The Jersey Shore," is now off the air, it appears that wasn't going to stop the spread of the "J-Woww," as she is still co-starring in MTV's "Snooki & J-Woww," a spin-off of the original guidette show... but, get this... daytime soaps are getting really desperate because Jenni Farley is now a featured player on "One Life to Live." While we're on the topic of desperate, Jenni showed up...
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Would you rather? (J-Woww or Snooki)

So, Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi was kinda cute in a weird way when "Jersey Shore" first started. Until she opened her mouth. Then she became a national joke, got "fat" (the chick is like 4'9" tall, it's not hard to look "fat" when you're carrying only 20 extra pounds) and arrested for public drunkenness. Then she got book deals. (Don't hate her for those, they're ghost-written by an awesome author...
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Mammary Monday: Retro 2008 Caitlin Wynters Goodness

This is the first time that I've discovered the busty brunette who goes by the name of Caitlin Wynters and sadly, it's from a 2008 photoshoot that she did with photographer Frank White. I don't know if this appeared in a magazine or was some promotional piece for the model, but I can tell you that Caitlin has appeared in both Zoo and Nuts magazines over the years and I personally find her...
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