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Top 6 Movie Soldier Babes (video)

One might not at first think there was such a thing as a sexy soldier babe. Normally when movies talk about soldiers it involves either bloody carnage, patriotic sacrifice, or both. But just like any other kind of role, put a hot woman in it and there's gonna be some sexy happening at some point. Females who get into the movie fight have been played by some of Hollywood's finest babes...
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Top 6 Hottest Superhero Babes (video)

There's nothing quite like a superhero hottie. We've seen several examples of them over the years in all different kinds of movies, TV shows and, of course, comic books. Watching them do their thing can be even more fun than their male contemporaries, since they bring the sexy along with their propensity for kicking ass. Here are 6 such superhero babes we feel are the best at...
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The Hottie Stop interviews Helena Mattsson, star of Code of Honor!

They don't come more blonde and beautiful than Helena Mattsson . The Swedish model/actress has a wide array of credits; some geeks will remember her as Rebecca in IRON MAN 2 or for her revealing turn as an alien in SPECIES: THE AWAKENING, while TV hounds will likely have seen her in plenty, including Desperate Housewives, 666 Park Avenue, Fargo and American Horror Story: Hotel. Her...
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