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There's nothing lagging in the Keira Knightley beauty department

Well, it would appear that Keira Knightley is on an absolute roll lately. Aside from looking totally hot at the Toronto International Film Festival, she also looked totally hot topless , is promoting multiple films over at the festival which are getting pretty good reviews and with her new movie BEGIN AGAIN looking like it's another hit, Keira is having a pretty decent summer. Going back...
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I'm willing to travel SXSW to get me some Maggie Grace

Right now, I'm in Dallas on a little vacation. Not two hours away is Austin, where the much-talked about South By Southwest (or SXSW for all you cool cats) is going down. Funny. That means that I'm within two hours of the beautiful, the lovely Maggie Grace . What am I doing? What the hell am I doing? Here I am in the same underwear I've been wearing for the past four days when I...
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Flashback Friday: Where did Thora Birch go?

I was reading an article by The Guardian the other day about Thora Birch that kind of depressed me. It was an article I just happened to find while in the middle an impromptu Terry Zwigoff film festival I was holding for myself. As you may know, Terry directed the film Thora is perhaps best remembered for, 2001's GHOST WORLD, which also starred a young Scarlett Johansson . Back then,...
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