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The Top 10 Babes of Alien Invasion Movies

It's been 8 years since we all fell under the mysterious spell that those original CLOVERFIELD promos put on us. It was the first time since the word of mouth phenomenon that was THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT put the movie going audience in a thrall (long before the term "Spoiler Alert" came to dominate every single post about a new project) and it was great... until you watched the movie. For some,...
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Model Mayra Veronica's 4th of July fireworks are quite a show

How are all my fellow American's planning on celebrating our nation's 239th birthday tomorrow? Me, I'm heading for the hills as we speak for copious BBQ and brews, but I thought I would take a minute and share with you an even better method model Mayra Veronica found to honor Old Glory on this, our day of independence. She's got the perfect kind of patriotic enthusiasm, don't you agree?...
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Battle of the Babes: Queen of Texas FINALS! Selena Gomez vs Jennifer Love Hewitt vs Gina Carano

Last week for the final round of the hotties from Texas was another close call. While it was figured in my head that the internet wasn't going to allow a loss to Summer Glau, the mixed message of referring to them as the Tough Babes (thought hadn't even crossed my mind when I paired them all up) landed Gina Carano the final spot in what is now the FINALS. Who will be your ultimate Don't...
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