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BOTB Cute Coppers: Reese Witherspoon vs Sophia Bush vs Stana Katic

There's never a big response when I do a male centric version of Battle of the Babes, but I had thought more of you would want to weigh on the men of AVENGERS. You're either a Hulk man or a Thor guy, seems like. For this week, since we're all going to pretend that HOT PURSUIT doesn't look like some weird throwback to the days of Bette Midler & Shelley Long making a caper flick, how...
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BOTB Hot Cops: Brad Pitt vs Harrison Ford vs Keanu Reeves

Last week's storm babes brought in less bank than those pesky mutant turtles but there was still a large and equal amount of love for Emmy Rossum and Diane Lane, a couple of the dames who weathered the rough competition. This week, between the sausage fest that is THE EXPENDABLES 3 and the fake cop comedy LET'S BE COPS , I'm going with my 3 favorite manly protectors of the peace. If you...
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The Top Ten Hottest Movie Cops

With the reboot of ROBOCOP hitting the theaters next week, with its upgrades in tactical goodness (now in black!) and added good looking charm (Weller is still close to my heart but Kinnaman is closer to my loins), I thought it might be a good time to look over some of the hotter female cops (and FBI and DEA and whatever - give a girl a break on the semantics here) who have graces the silver...
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