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Hottie Report Card: Jessica Alba

Can you believe we're nearing up to our 100th Hottie Report Card, and we still have yet to observe the student body of  Jessica Alba ? Okay, class, settle down. I know some schmoes out there claim to have grown tired of this hottie over the years, which if you ask me, is complete and utter claptrap! Rubbish! Balderdash, I say! Despite her disappearance from the scene...
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BOTB Dancing Babes: Jessica Alba vs Julianne Hough vs Natalie Portman

Not many of you were fans of last week's Battle of the Celeb Sex Tape Babes (perhaps you all went to look up Tulisa after learning about her, perhaps not). Even fewer people seemed to be fans of Diaz & Segel, wholeheartedly rejecting their movie into a 4th place opening spot, making less than half what BAD TEACHER did in its opening weekend 3 years ago. While the STEP UP movies haven't...
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Exclusive Video: JoBlo presents… Our Favorite Jessica Alba Moments!

Jessica Alba Moments! If you're reading this, movies and hotties are two things that you probably consider a necessity in life, and you need them to survive. Sure, a movie is a movie, and a hottie is a hottie… but the combination of hotties in movies has intensely raised the stakes of just how "hot" a hottie can be. One very obvious example of this is the...
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