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There's nothing artificial about Lili Simmons' beauty at Westworld premiere

We're just raining newbie hotties all over the place these days. From Haley Bennett busting out in pretty much every splashing flick this fall to Ana de Armas showing off her sexy Cubana self in the lower budget fall films, it seems it's time for a new face to fall in love with in the TV department and Lili Simmons is ready to be that face. While she's not exactly new (neither is Bennett or...
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Julie Benz slays at the Monte Carlo Television Festival

Even though I despised her on "Dexter," I still consider Julie Benz to be one of the best untapped resources on television, even if she can't seem to get a solid series off the ground. Benz has recently gotten added to the cast of "Hawaii 5-0," a show I can hardly believe is still on the air, aside from the fact that it's on CBS and the exact sorta thing that their aging demographic of...
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