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Day 2 of Kelly Brook in LA and she doesn't look happy about it

It's Kelly Brook's second day back in LA and things appear to be not so great for her. Just look at that scowl. I recognize that face. I wear the same grimace whenever I have to go to LA. Don't let the movies and TV shows fool you. It's a shitty town, full of smog and crime and traffic and bullshit. So I don't blame Kelly for feeling down about having to be in that place. Stuck on the 405 in...
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Cameron Diaz is a big old meanie! Kate Upton is a big fuzzy happy!

Who knows why Cameron Diaz is flipping off these photographers? Admittedly, having to deal with the paparazzi must get pretty annoying (especially considering that this is the third off set photo shoot on their upcoming film THE OTHER WOMAN ), but I kind of think Diaz may be feeling a little upstaged by her younger, more attractive, less wrinkly, friendlier, happier co-star, Kate...
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