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BOTB Monster Movie Babes: Elizabeth Olsen vs Lizzy Caplan vs Radha Mitchell

It's hard to keep a good neighbor down, especially those who competed in last week's Battle of the Babes where many of you were resoundingly positive for all three, just a few more for Kaley Cuoco than for the others. It was a great week for the movie NEIGHBORS as well, besting the highest hopes the studio had for the movie with its SPIDER-MAN trumping #1 place at the box office. Now...
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Elizabeth Olsen looked freakin' adorable at the Godzilla premiere

Bloody hell! Here's Elizabeth Olsen looking ridiculously adorable at the GODZILLA premiere in London. Yeah, of course she looks fantastic. Was there ever any doubt in your mind?  I love the fact that this woman exists, you know? As a kid growing up in the 90's with a sister, I watched those Olsen twins direct to video movies and saw the two grow into obscurity ever since Full House...
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Jamie Chung wore a bath towel to the Godzilla premiere

Which is okay because Jamie Chung can make anything sexy. In fact, I'd lay down good money one of her sexier moments is when she steps out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel after having a shower. Of course her hottest moment is a few minutes before when she was actually in the shower, all wet, sudsy and naked. But that's just a given. Seeing the cute Asian girl in her yellow bath towel at...
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