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Hottie Report Card: Gal Gadot

Since I went with her competition in this week's Face Off , it's only fair Gal Gadot get the Report Card treatment in return. She's something of a delicate one to evaluate, now that she's been inaugurated into the ranks of geek spank fodder. But even if she wasn't playing the queen of all Amazons, Gal would still be rank up in the top of the heap where hotties are concerned. Her...
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Face Off: Gal Gadot vs. Bar Refaeli

There was a torrent of Melissa Rauch votes totally obliterating Kaley Cuoco votes in last week's Face Off . Despite casting my vote for Kaley, I'm in total agreement with this. It's the advantage you folks have over me in this thing. I'm obliged to vote by the check marks I've placed. You guys can go entirely by your own opinion. You're lucky that way. This week sees the...
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Gisele Bundchen's new photoshoot is super sexy, if a little bit terrifying

Hmm. What a curious photoshoot. Gisele Bundchen is one of those women who is so absolutely gorgeous that pretty much every person in the world knows who she is. People who aren't all that familiar with supermodels still know the name "Gisele" and that's pretty cool. With all those absolutely sexy photoshoots she takes part in, it's easy to see why she's so popular....
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