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Beach babes Anais Zanotti and Coralie Teraiefa got back. Seriously.

Holy guacamole. I don't typically say that phrase, but that's the only thing that I can think of after seeing these chick's booties. I want them both to lie down in front of me. On one hottie's booty, I'll lay a few servings of chips and on the other hottie's booty, I'll have a big ol' slab of guacamole. I'll eat it all and it will be the best day of my entire life. That's really disgusting....
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This is Stephanie Cook. She likes to wear bikinis. Say hi.

So, I've gotta be honest here. I'm not entirely sure who this girl is. During my adventure through the interwebs though, I came across these pictures. I was pretty instantly drawn to them, but I wanted something a little different for you guys. Going to other websites in my pursuit of hot pictures, not only did I find the same girl again, but I found more pictures of her in this little green...
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