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Lais Ribeiro is free with the beauty in the new Free People campaign

Victoria's Secret has been slacking in its representation of Brazilian babe Lais Ribeiro . I feel as if there was a moment where she might have gotten picked up as the next Tyra, with her creamy caramel complexion and curvy body that seems to both have the boobs that so many of the newer Angels need Photoshop to achieve and yet lacks that frightening thigh gap that many of them DO have. In...
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Emily Ratajkowski never hesitates to show us how cozily she fits in lingerie

It's been cool to see the insanely gorgeous Emily Ratajkowski out and about lately. With promotional events and higher profile photoshoots as well as award show appearances, Emily has been popping her pretty little head up here and there for us to appreciate. If there's one thing that really excites me though, it's those smaller lingerie photoshoots where I feel...
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Lingerie model Alyssa Miller will have you concentrating on her face instead

I'm kind of a weird guy, so when I see things that I absolutely love, I can't help but look at them and prefer them over a lot of other things. I feel like that last sentence didn't make any goddamn sense, so let me give you a few examples. Emmy Rossum has an absolutely perfect smile. Emily Ratajkowski has the most perfect set of breasts I've ever seen. This lingerie model,...
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