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Nicole Scherzinger is always a good choice

I may not have much interest in what Nicole Scherzinger does for a living (in fact, I know I don't), but when she decides to get sexy for something, anything, consider me a captivated audience. Take this promotional spread for her fragrance line called "Chosen." I also don't care at all about fragrances, apart from the odd holiday or special occasion when I figure something like that might...
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Kate Upton's tight stripes look grrrreat at the Michael Kors fashion show

I miss the pre-Fappening Kate Upton . Prior to having her intimate photos hacked and leaked, the bikini model was usually all ear-to-ear grins for red carpet events, enjoying herself like any other twenty-something who'd stumbled into fortune and fame simply by posing for a camera. She's beginning to show small bursts of happiness now that there's a bit of distance since the breach but we're...
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Rosie Huntington-Whiteley joins the ranks of supermodels who smell good

I can't seem to stop debating on how I feel about Rosie Huntington-Whiteley , seen here wearing a neglige for the launch of her Autograph perfume line. I'm not sure why Rosie felt the need to wear bedroom attire for the public launch of a fragrance, but the net result is a very much typical presentation from Rosie. She's definitely got that model look about her. Nothing there that doesn't...
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