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Anna Kendrick & Jennifer Aniston make Cake of the Toronto Film Festival

She looked tired and bored at the Life of Crime premiere but Jennifer Aniston sure perked up for her time on the red carpet at the Toronto International Film Festival, where she was debuting her movie CAKE. The 45-year old actress, who still looked sorta pregnant what with the pleated front on this short black dress, also wasn't shy when the camera flashes turned the material sheer...
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Hot mama! Jewel brings out her gems to the Vanity Fair and NBC 2013 fall launch party

It's been two years since 39-year old songstress Jewel Kilcher birthed her son Kase Townes Murray (father is Ty Murray, one-time "Dancing with the Stars" contestant and famous rodeo/bull rider) but she might have joined the Salma Hayek club of breast-feeding. Famously, Hayek extolled the benefits of breast milk being beneficial to her daughter and was even more...
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Ali Larter double checks her goods at the Carolina Herrera show during Fashion Week in New York

I feel like it's 2005 whenever I catch sight of Molly Sims out in the public eye, so I think I'll stick to focusing on the ever-hotter Ali Larter as she navigated Fashion Week in New York, checking out a number of shows, including Carolina Herrera's for her Spring 2014 line. Larter has been looking like a A-Lister these days, in the neighborhood of - dare I say? - a blonde Kate Beckinsale...
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