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Sofia Richie & Pia Mia get a little closer in Flaunt Magazine

Pia Mia is a singer, a songwriter, and model from Guam. Sofia Richie ... is from America. Okay, so I have no idea what makes Sofia famous – beyond nepotism – but, being the daughter of Lionel Richie has blown the door of opportunity wide open for the young hottie. On the other side of it, an inroad to notoriety and a job feeling up her tiny, blonde pal wearing nothing but her...
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Teresa Palmer ass up for Flaunt Magazine

I love a photographer who just gets it, who knows exactly how to photograph a subject like the sexy as hell Teresa Palmer . Coordinating with whoever was in charge of picking her outfits must have gone something like this - Photographer: "That dress." Fashion coordinator: "Which one? The one on the end?" Photographer: "Yeah the one that comes up all the way to the...
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Deborah Ann Woll flaunts her blonde locks, looks like fashionable runaway

Just yesterday we were all in agreement that Flaunt magazine severely missed the mark with whatever they were trying to accomplish with Alexandra Daddario's spread in their July 2015 issue. Now we've moved on to another favorite, Deborah Ann Woll , with slightly better results but I'm still not feeling the vibe here. The "Daredevil" star is rocking that blonde hair (her natural hair color,...
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