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Flashback to a teenage Kelly Brook killing it in camo

I continue to lament the lack of Kelly Brook we've have around here in the last few years. She was once such a staple of what we post it was almost ridiculous. Every day seemed to bring a new example of her putting that busty British exceptionalism out there for us all to enjoy. Could be lots of people feel the same as me about missing one of the UK's finest exports, which is why two of...
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Before we get new Baywatch, let's flashback to young Yasmine Bleeth

I am compelled toward those people with darker hair and lighter eyes and back when the original Baywatch crew was running on the beaches, I thought Yasmine Bleeth was far sexier than Pamela Anderson, the show's biggest contributor to the world of boners. I think what I appreciated most is that even as polished as Bleeth could come off, there was an aura of naturalness to her that didn't exist...
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