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Emmy Rossum is always making a pretty face

I'm kind of amazed they're still making episodes of Shameless . It feels like that show has been on forever. They've put the Gallagher family through every kind of wringer imaginable and in the process introduced, exited, reintroduced, and reexited all sorts of characters. Yet they still keep churning out episodes year after year. I suspect at this point a big part of the reason why this show...
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Do you think Lauren Cohan's boy cut hurts her hotness?

One of the more frustrating and disappointing things I deal with when it comes to the hotties, is the brutal clear cutting of a once beautiful head of hair for the purposes of crafting the dreaded boy cut. This plague of a hair style has literally cut a swath of destruction across the scalps of many a fine beauty throughout the years, usually with detrimental effects to the appearance of the...
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Emmy Rossum is the cutest basketball geek ever

I loathe this time of year, what with all the March Madness shit going on here in the States. I'm not a basketball guy at all. It was never my sport of choice. That doesn't stop any of the basketball fanatics I know from querying me as to who my bracket picks are, which is then followed by the inevitable shock and disgust when I tell them I have no bracket and couldn't care less who wins. It...
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