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Rita Ora's pasty covered nips and zipper covered vagine for her show at the El Rey

It's bad enough guys already have that lingering fear their dick might get nicked in their own zipper. Now, whomever is lucky enough to be satisfying Rita Ora's needs has to worry about injuring it on her zipper as well. It's not like she's just going to wear unique underwear like that once and thrown them away - right? When I first saw these pictures I wiped the drool off...
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A night of open blouse dining for Chrissy Teigan and her lucky husband

Taking a break from chicken wings, model Chrissy Teigan and musically well endowed John Legend hit up Craigs restaurant for a full meal. Sadly, his dish won't be served up on his wife's ass. If that introduction sounds bizarre, scroll down to the last photo or click the link to the video for some clarification. Recalling candid photos of old, it's a surprise that she's even wearing a bra...
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