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Face Off: Olivia Munn vs. Lauren Cohan

I'm gonna go ahead and assume that it was just a given that Alexandra Breckenridge is way hotter than Natalie Dormer in just about every way. That's how I saw it anyway and apparently how you saw it too. So we're in agreement. That's hardly ever the case. Olivia Munn has her RIDE ALONG sequel coming out this week. Then next week Lauren Cohan will be messing with the...
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Face Off: Diora Baird vs. Sara Malakul Lane

I've been trying to think of a way to get Diora Baird and Sara Malakul Lane into Face Offs for some time now. There just never seemed to be anyone I could put up against either hottie who matched up with them. Then it hit me that they could easily go up against one another. They're beautiful, voluptuous, highly sexual women who aren't afraid to show off all those great characteristics...
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Shay Mitchell overlooks a few key clothing items in her latest sexy ensemble

Shay Mitchell isn't one of those hotties who I know too terribly much about. I know she's Canadian and stars on shows I've never watched. That's about it. Oh yeah, and she's also a sexy little Eurasian hottie. All the proof you need of that was on display at this even for Lupus research where the Pretty Little Liars star skipped a few steps in the usual female dressing process to create a...
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