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BOTB Binge Babes: Ellie Kemper vs Maria Bello vs Winona Ryder

When it comes to your women in space, you like them talented, as was mentioned several times about the top vote grabber, Anne Hathaway. Sandra Bullock can still pull love from you with the best of them, ranking second and Liv Tyler was a not-too-shabby third. This week there aren't as many splashy flicks getting released, with a Nickelodeon movie sure to grab dollars from the families...
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Ellie Kemper brought an extra dose of adorable to the Webby Awards

I knew long ago that Ellie Kemper was absolutely adorable and lovely, but it wasn't until I caught a few episodes of UNBREAKABLE KIMMY SCHMIDT that I pretty much fell in love with the red-haired, wide-eyed, hilarious and hot lady. Thankfully for me (and for all of us) there was something called the Webby Awards that went down the other night and Ellie was looking too damn cute. Her short,...
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NetFlix rolls out Deborah Ann Woll & other hotties for the Aussies

NetFlix is set on taking over the world and it proved it by making a stop in Australia and New Zealand earlier this week with a bunch of the stars from its original programming line up. I know I should focus on the inherent fanboy awesomeness of "Daredevil" or talk about my curiosity over what the women at Litchfield Penitentiary are going to be up to in season three of "Orange...
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