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Check out Renee Olsteads' huge bust because it's awesome

You'd think Sherlock Holmes would've been done to death by now. Its long history of adaptations not withstanding;  you need only look at the present to see he's still one of the most famous detectives in history. We have the awesome Sherlock starring Benedict Cumberbatch. 2015's feature film, Holmes, starring Ian McKellen,  the mediocre network take called Elementary,...
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Natalie Dormer keeps it shaved in GQ

You might have noticed, if you watched this years SAG awards show, how Natalie Dormer decided to shave a third of her head for some reason. Why did she do this? I don't know. Perhaps it was a conspiracy to make the job of the wig wranglers on Game of Thrones even harder. Maybe she's just kind of wild that way. I get that vibe from Natalie. She seems like a live wire and certainly is that on...
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Battle of the Babes #243: Cuoco vs Liu vs Righetti

Since you all seemed to get into the spirit when I did a battle of the Jewish actresses (brunettes one week, blondes the next, redheads after that until we came to the finale and the winner was NATALIE PORTMAN!! with 17 votes out of the 38 cast), I thought that it might be a cool thing to continue doing. This time I'm going to pit major network babes (CBS, NBC, ABC) in the first...
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