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AnnaSophia Robb shows off new strawberry blonde locks while out shopping

AnnaSophia Robb is another one of those great child actresses who hasn't really caught on as an adult, a bit of a bummer now that she's 26 and still floundering about in low budget hardly seen stuff. Granted, Robb did time on the PBS series Mercy Street , which much like its sister avenue Sesame, is probably going to need more than a few donations to stay in production. AnnaSophia does...
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Underboob seems to be Bella Thorne's new running theme

For those who want to wail about Ariel Winter supposedly being fat simply because she's short and has big boobs (and a natural amount of body fat for a teenager, especially one who's curvy), I want to ask: is it worse to be thicker like Ariel or this slimmed down, heroin chic underweight shit that Bella Thorne seems so proud of? While the 19-year old was always a slender gal, this waist...
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Bella Thorne pops over to Miami, nearly pops completely out of her shirt

I wonder what the conversation was like in the plastic surgeon's office when they talked about putting those bags of goo into Bella Thorne's chest. I'm imagining that the doctor convinced her that in the event that nature causes the unnatural to sag, she might want to consider getting her nipples placed extra high. (And yes, I'm convinced that she has implants because with the dramatic...
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Newly single Bella Thorne puts her hottie wares back on display

So that thing between Bella Thorne and Teen Wolf star, Tyler Posey, is apparently over. Not that I needed to go searching for gossip regarding that news. Bella had stayed within her circle of friends while she was briefly dating the 25-year old actor and her random "candid" appearances on the street dwindled to practically nothing for a whopping, what? 3 months? Bella wants you to know...
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