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Face Off: Alicia Vikander vs. Lily James

It was all about Brie Larson in last week's Face Off , leaving Aubrey Plaza pretty much out in the cold. Really? Not too many Parks and Rec fans here, huh? That's a shame. We're getting down to the closing days and weeks of 2015 now. Yet another year under our collective belts. That means it's time to start thinking about some of the hotties who made an impression on us this...
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Hot or Not: Michelle Dockery

There was a part of me that was really hoping TERMINATOR: GENISYS would have done better at the box office, although I can't be precise about why I felt that way. Perhaps because I'm a pretty big fan of Emilia Clarke like the rest of you. This weekend we have the little yellow cartoon dudes as one option and the Ryan-Reynolds-really-enjoys-making-stinkbombs-doesn't-he? new flick,...
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Lily James looks immaculate for her hometown's Cinderella premiere

It's interesting how quickly Lily James has entered the celebrity sphere as of late thanks to the promotional juggernaut surrounding her live action CINDERELLA movie. She's gone from totally obscure to everywhere in a matter of weeks. Actually, that's not exactly true. If you happen to be a Downton Abbey fan, you probably know Lily very well. For the rest of us not especially interested in...
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Have a little more of Lily James loveliness

It's kinda startling how fast actress Lily James has begun to grow on me. It's only with all this recent CINDERELLA promotion that I even knew she existed. Well, that's not exactly true. She was in WRATH OF THE TITANS and she's also in Downton Abbey. Unfortunately I hated WRATH and forgot the vast majority of it 10 minutes after I left the theater. I'm also not much for historical British...
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