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Nina Agdal indulges in slutty public drunkenness with a douchey boyfriend

Let it never be said that we're not willing to take a look at the perhaps not-so-good sides of the hotties we gush about all the time. If you're a regular here, you probably know that we cover a ton of what Nina Agdal does as a model and a hottie. All sorts of content featuring this delicious Danish moves across our site, the vast majority of it putting her in a very good light. Not sure...
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Jessica Alba smooches with Pierce Brosnan for a movie, so it's for pretend and not real, okay, you guys?

Here's Jessica Alba looki- What the hell? What the HELL? WHAT IN THE GODDAMN HELL IS THIS SHIT?! Sorry.. Let's start this over. Here we can see Jessica Alba looking adorable and all smiles on the set of HOW TO MAKE LOVE LIKE AN ENGLISHMAN . Now, I realize that I want to get mad at Jessica, but I just can't do it. Even after GOOD LUCK, CHUCK , I couldn't stay pissed off at her. It's an...
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Don't you hate it when Doutzen Kroes nudity gets spoiled by some douche?

There's always got to be a catch when hotties get naked in these fashion mags. It's that thing where they feel like they have to balance out the nudity of the woman with something else so that it doesn't look too gratuitous. As if a beautiful body like the one Doutzen Kroes has could ever be gratuitous. This time around, their attempt to balance out the content involved some Stasi-looking...
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Kate Upton gets molested by douches in a hotel room

I wonder sometimes if these fashion magazines would follow through with their goofy photo spreads if someone like myself were to come around and sum up the theme they've proposed and really made them think about what they're doing before they do it. Case in point, whatever this is with Kate Upton for the pages of V Magazine. Does anyone buy a magazine just to see Kate get harassed by some...
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