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Hottie Report Card: Olivia Munn

Before we all get hammered and start blowing off various limbs, it's time to enjoy some other lovely visuals in this week's report card. Although, whether or not this hottie lights off fireworks in your shorts may depend on how much you enjoy hating all things celebrity. No, it's not another f*cking Kardashian , but Olivia Munn whom we will be ogling (for educational...
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Face Off: Kaley Cuoco vs. Olivia Munn

I think it was Megan Fox over Nicola Peltz by a slight margin in last week's Face Off . I sense a certain indifferent resignation to this new TRANSFORMERS movie as well as those associated with it. This despite the fact that it will probably go on to rake in a billion at the box office. I think it's because it's a 4th movie. We tend to like our movies wrapped up in nice, easily digestible...
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Olivia Munn has me feeling quite sinful

I love me a good exorcism movie. Okay, so there's only really been two good exorcism movies in the history of ever, but the new flick DELIVER US FROM EVIL does look pretty boss. A hard R rating, Eric Bana and none other than Olivia Munn are starring in this thing, so who knows, right? To show her support, here's Olivia at the premiere looking totally lovely in a dress that looks like the...
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