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The Hottie Stop interviews Julie Benz, star of Havenhurst, Dexter & Defiance

Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Angel. Dexter. Defiance. Desperate Housewives. CSI. Supernatural. Hawaii Five-0. If you've made a popular TV show, chances are good Julie Benz has had a significant role in it. (I only listed about half of them, too.) The talented blond beauty has over 80 credits in television and film to her name, many of them very geek-friendly. On the movie side,...
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Julie Benz's big, round booty is like a Hallmark card to butt lovers

Lots of fine women doing the TCA Summer tour right now, promoting their upcoming TV shows for the fall season. Among them was Julie Benz who showed up a the Hallmark booth at the TCA show, talking about the new season of her SyFy show Defiance . New shows or not, I still think of Julie as Rita from Dexter . I tried to binge watch that series again recently, but I didn't get very far past...
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Jaime Murray is a defiantly raven-haired ravisher

We've wrapped up yet another Comic-Con. Plenty of great moments, lots of tantalizing news about upcoming projects. And most importantly, tons of hotties both on the panels and on the show floor. Going through the list of all the fine hotties who showed up to promote their projects, one of my favorites this year and every year is the enchanting Jaime Murray , who was talking about her show...
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The Top Ten Hottest Babes of SyFy

There was a time when it was considered uncool to be a geek tuning into the Sci Fi channel. Then someone decided to get funky with it, altering its moniker to SyFy (to this day, I refuse to pronounce it any other way that "See Fee") and began throwing "Sharknado"s at us. All the while, the channel has been steadily building up a bustling schedule of programs that honestly aren't all that bad......
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I can't defy Julie Benz's happy wave of loveliness

I never really understood why they decided to change the SciFi channel to the SyFy channel, but then again, I don't watch much of what airs on that network, so I don't have any huge complaints. With the new series they will be airing soon, something called "Defiance," about aliens looking to make a treaty to stay on Earth since their previous planet was destroyed, getting the no-aliens of any...
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