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I'd still love to have Parker Posey as my pet

Parker Posey is one of those names I associate with specific decades, sort of like Kelly LeBrock or Linda Carter . They just bring up images of past hotness whenever their names are spoken. With Parker, I get images of DAZED AND CONFUSED and WAITING FOR GUFFMAN, as well as most of the other Christopher Guest spoof classics. GUFFMAN is my go to place for hottie Parker memories, thanks in...
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Scarlett Johansson dazzles the Dazed & Confused

Permanent geek fantasy fodder Scarlett Johansson is in the pages of Dazed & Confused magazine this month, doing a little experimentation in different looks. Ya'll looking forward to seeing her finally get her kit off on screen in UNDER THE SKIN? It's a pretty good show, I can tell you that much. Kind of dark though. They're not exactly going out of their way to let you see everything...
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Flashback Friday: 90s Milla Jovovich Hotness

I was watching cable the other day and caught that biopic CHAPLIN, starring the coked out version of Robert Downey Jr. barely holding it together to play the legendary silent film star. Not a great film IMO, although one of it's great virtues were the memorable scenes involving naked Milla Jovovich , playing one of Chaplin's young brides. It was an accurate portrayal in many ways,...
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