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Face Off: Emilia Clarke vs. Lauren Cohan

More folks were interested in petting pretty kitty Kat Dennings over her competition Elizabeth Gillies in last week's Face Off. I agree that Kat is ripe for petting, but I'd hate to leave Elizabeth neglected. As with most anything that pertains to multiple hotties, the more the better. Just like seasons in the real world have changed, we're also experiencing that recurring cycle of...
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Emilia Clarke makes adorable faces

What's that holiday everyone is celebrating right now? Easter? Passover? Nah, all us GoT fans know what the real holiday weekend is about. Only 2 days until the new season premieres. I know I'm pumped for that. Gotta get used to the blonde Emilia Clarke again though. I've been looking at her equally lovely brown locks for a year now at press events like this one. I also have to get used to...
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Emilia Clarke stretches out for GQ

Emilia Clarke is in the pages of GQ magazine this month, ahead of the much anticipated return of Game of Thrones on March 31st. Everyone excited for that? Most folks I know are either going to have their DVRs set for that or their torrent software at the ready. I think that show was #1 for pirates last year. No reason to think it will go any different this year. Can you really blame them? Me,...
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