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Exclusive Video: Al Pacino presents "Great Ass" moments!

Brace yourselves, folks, and prepare for what is most likely the strangest thing you'll experience all day; and in this day of crack-smokin' mayors and shoulder-bitin' soccer players, that's saying a lot. We all remember that scene from HEAT when Al Pacino makes his famously well-delivered remarks about female asses ("She's got a GREAT ASS!"), or at...
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BOTB Hot Thieves: Catherine Zeta-Jones vs Charlize Theron vs Gabrielle Union

With the minor complaint that those actresses getting employment in the voice over industry don't really count as being voice over actresses (po-tay-to, wtfe-to), it seems that when it comes to the feedback on this site, Lacey Chabert can do no wrong (those who follow the MovieHotties Facebook Page tend to favor Katy Perry just a wee bit more). With THE ART OF THE STEAL being one of...
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Hottie Clip of the Day: Gabrielle Union

When you think about actresses out there that have that one-two punch of beauty and sexiness, I bet not a lot come to mind, right? I'll make you another bet - I know one that does. The always gorgeous Gabrielle Union is today's Hottie Clip of the Day and boy do we have a clip for you! Straight from the action flick CRADLE 2 THE GRAVE we've got Union giving one of the sexiest...
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