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Baldwin cousins Hailey & Ireland heat things up on Mission Impossible red carpet

I'm telling you, if someone in Hollywood is thinking with their head on straight, there will be a reboot of CLUELESS, perhaps with a male lead (because everything gets regendered in reboots) and the talk about a girl being a Baldwin will be in reverence of the hot daughters that the Baldwin brothers have eked out over the years. Hailey Baldwin has already been working as a model since her...
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Face Off: The Vergara Sisters - Sofia vs. Sandra

Your votes gave Emily Blunt the checkered flag over competitor Olga Kurylenko in last week's Face Off , but only by a couple votes. That may look like a difficult choice at first, but it isn't. You just cover your eyes and point. You'll have made a fine choice, no matter which one your finger lands on. Looked like ya'll were pretty excited about those pics of Sandra Vergara we...
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Coming over to Sandra Vergara's place is the next best thing to her cousin Sofia

Sofia Vergara's little cousin Sandra Vergara recently did a photoshoot for the always fantastic Me In My Place, proving that this family's genes need to be put in a freezer and preserved as a precious world treasure. There's a bit of a story behind Sofia and Sandra's relationship. Sandra is both Sofia's cousin and sister. Seems Sandra was adopted by Sofia's mom when Sandra's mom got sick...
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