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Hot or Not: Kellie Pickler

Last week I did feature soem of the older pictures of Gwen Stefani in the article... except for the middle one. Believe it or not, that was (supposedly, based on my search) taken in 2012, from the Seven Night Stand tour, which I'll admit is still 4 years old, but still post 2 babies at that particular time, so still impressive. Of course you guys all think Gwen is hot, although I still...
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Lauren Alaina proves they grow 'em thick down on the farm

I'm pretty much clueless to the country music scene. Never really was my music, although I do have something of a nostalgic fancy for some classic country. Modern day country, on the other hand, sounds something similar to the screeches of a wolverine being strangled while it's teeth are simultaneously dragged across a chalkboard. There are certain forms of torture I would rather...
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Sofia Vergara & Reese Witherspoon sparkle up the ACM Awards

While HOT PURSUIT looks as if it could give PAUL BLART 2 a run for its money at the 2016 Razzies, it still isn't stopping the studios from parading around odd couple Sofia Vergara and Reese Witherspoon as a part of its promotional tactics. The Latina and her friendly little Southern gal were presenters together at the MTV Movie Awards recently and on Sunday night were seen hugging it...
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Taylor Swift in this dress makes me heart her even more

Having a crush on Taylor Swift is kind of like being a Dallas Cowboys fan. I feel a little ashamed and I can understand whenever people talk shit, but I can't help it. I think she's an absolutely adorable/beautiful young woman and while she's a little too skin-and-bones for me, her face is absolutely enchanting. When she wears stuff like this, though, my heart goes from just a...
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