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Stare at Andrea Calle's ass and it stares right back at you

Latin hottie Andrea Calle is doing what she does best in Miami right now. This is a body with no better purpose on Earth than being shown off on a beach in sexy bikinis, except maybe for riding my jock. Andrea was a sly one with her animal number here. She's well aware of where eyes are on her as she walks by. Perhaps this is her way of letting the gawkers know that she's keeping an eye on...
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Face Off: The Vergara Sisters - Sofia vs. Sandra

Your votes gave Emily Blunt the checkered flag over competitor Olga Kurylenko in last week's Face Off , but only by a couple votes. That may look like a difficult choice at first, but it isn't. You just cover your eyes and point. You'll have made a fine choice, no matter which one your finger lands on. Looked like ya'll were pretty excited about those pics of Sandra Vergara we...
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Coming over to Sandra Vergara's place is the next best thing to her cousin Sofia

Sofia Vergara's little cousin Sandra Vergara recently did a photoshoot for the always fantastic Me In My Place, proving that this family's genes need to be put in a freezer and preserved as a precious world treasure. There's a bit of a story behind Sofia and Sandra's relationship. Sandra is both Sofia's cousin and sister. Seems Sandra was adopted by Sofia's mom when Sandra's mom got sick...
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What do you think of a blonde Sofia Vergara?

Sofia Vergara posted this pic of her new blonde-ish hair on her Instagram the other day, apparently digging her new Nordic locks. I gotta admit, it kind of works on her. Normally I'm ambivalent about such things, but there's not many purely cosmetic things Sofia could do to make me not enjoy the sight of her. If she dyed her hair purple, went around with white lipstick and green eye...
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