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The Hottie Stop Interviews Alicja Bachleda, star of The Girl is in Trouble!

The first time I really took notice of the absolutely lovely Alicja Bachleda was in the film ONDINE - starring opposite the incredible Colin Farrell - and she was stunning. Thankfully, you can currently find this beauty in the Spike Lee produced feature THE GIRL IS IN TROUBLE and she once again shines as the girl who happens to be in a bit of trouble. In one of the leading roles,...
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Hottie Clip of the Day: Olga Kurylenko

One hottie that has always been a big favorite of mine is Olga Kurylenko. Ever since I first saw her in HITMAN she's pretty much torched the screen in whatever she's in. From being a Bond girl to traveling to the future, Kurylenko is pretty much the definition of sexy. So for today's Hottie Clip of the Day we're taking a look at this hottie in SEVEN PSYCHOPATHS. The scene in...
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Top 10 Sexiest Movie Men of the Year

There's been many a petty complaint of the infrequent times that I've posted articles on the hot men of Hollywood. It seems that most of you are either so obsessed with looking at famous boobies (probably due to the fact that no girl in your real life will let you look at hers) or aren't comfortable enough with your sexuality to admit that dudes are hot too, or just can't forward the link to...
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