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Francesca Eastwood takes after her dad in no way whatsoever

I suppose I can't say for certain Francesca Eastwood doesn't have some of her dad's traits, since I don't know her. Could be she'd be excellent at cleaning up the streets of San Francisco with her .44 Magnum in hand. Yet if all you had to go on to determine her traits were these pics of her having a little swim on a Malibu beach, the gap between father and daughter becomes fairly clear. For...
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Thank you Clint! Francesca Eastwood in her undies for Esquire is Hollywood magic

A heavier percentage of props really should be going to Frances Fisher, mother of the lovely (and now back to a red shade of hair after that overbleached blonde mess) Francesca Eastwood when it comes to saluting her loveliness. Sure, I suppose Clint was a good looking man back in his day but I've grown up seeing him as the craggy old man who screwed over Sondra Locke, so negative points for...
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