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The Top 10 Hottest Babes of Holiday Movies

I'm sure you're sick of holiday movie lists. I am too and we haven't even hit December yet. But with BAD SANTA 2 debuting at the box office this weekend and no other real Xmas/Hanukkah or other holiday themed films scheduled for the dismal year that has been 2016, it looks like the time for a holiday themed Sexy Ten Spot is upon us. One of these days, I'm hoping someone other than Adam...
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BOTB Xmas Movie Babes: Keira Knightley vs Reese Witherspoon vs Zooey Deschanel

SPECTRE did some awesome numbers at the box office last weekend and one of its stars, Monica Bellucci, continued to pull the best numbers from you Schmoes, who ranked her the hottest of the ladies in the latest James Bond flick. Much like I would prefer Lea Seydoux over Monica, I'm similarly craving KRAMPUS over LOVE THE COOPERS , we get what we get and we don't pitch a fit. We write...
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The Top 12 Babes of Christmas Movies

Christmas movies, we all watch them. Whether it's for the music or the giving spirit or just to have something to watch so that you don't have to directly communicate with your family during the holiday, it doesn't matter. Everyone loves a good Christmas movie. On the same note, everyone loves a hot babe. Hot babes IN a Christmas movie? Double score!!
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