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Kristen Bell's hotness was tight in black and white

Watching the various trailers for BAD MOMS CHRISTMAS over the last few months, I've noted a few things. For instance, it seems like women in movies who decide to go on a crazy bender have to be rebelling from someone or something. Like in this movie, the moms are tired of being moms and all that comes with this position in life. So they defy expectation and normalcy so they can have a release...
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Marry/Date/Friend: Kristen Bell vs Mila Kunis vs Summer Glau

I think I might have made a mistake, pairing up one sorta unlikable babe with a couple others who generate passing interest despite their many positive attributes. I turned out to be the only one who thought that Christina Milian was wife material while the rest of you preferred her as a girlfriend type and wanted Christina Aguilera to be your bride instead. Ariana Grande wasn't as...
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Vida Guerra proved she can still bring the booty at the CHiPs premiere

You don't see much of Vida Guerra anymore. There was a time when if you were in need of a heaping helping of Latina ass, Vida pretty much had to be your go to hottie. No one could resist dat ass. Then that just sort of stopped. What happened there? I thought the prevailing attitude toward Latina hotties was that they enjoy incredible shelf lives. Take your Sofia Vergaras or your...
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