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Kat Graham giving Santa what he wants for Christmas

Is it just me or is there an unjust amount of interest in Kat Graham ? I had to do a lot of clicking before I came across these set of photos that are worthy of much more recognition; not buried deep among lesser candids. I know everybody has their own taste; but is the opinion that this sexy CW star walks around with a pair of the juiciest thighs out there contested by anybody? This girl...
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Kat Graham makes me, I mean, Christmas come early this year

There's no denying that Kat Graham is an absolutely gorgeous girl. The Vampire Diaries actress decided to show off that gorgeousness in the form of extremely short shorts and is making both Santa and a little dog very, very happy. Usually, I don't like to start even thinking about using the word "Christmas" until at least twenty days after Thanksgiving, but I'm willing to make an exception...
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Jaimie Alexander goes to the dogs and gets horny on Univision's Despierta America

Your minds might all be on Halloween today, but next weekend when THOR: THE DARK WORLD gets its wide release, it'll be back to the superhero movies in no time. Which might be a great thing after you check out the cuteness that is Jaimie Alexander as she visits the set of Univision's "Despierta America," a morning talk show that gets held in Spanish, if I'm to understand correctly. Jaimie...
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