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Charli XCX put on quite the red hot T&A show in Vegas

My goodness! There are times when I'm not 100% sure how I feel about Charli XCX , mainly because her face kind be a little "meh" in certain lighting and particularly heavy makeup, but for the most part I like her voice and the fact that she's trying to be a bit of a tart without completely losing her knickers, like Rita Ora. Then there are times when I see Charli at a performance and all I...
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At least we know Katy Perry's footballs won't be deflated on Sunday

In a way, you gotta love Katy Perry , even if you hate her music. She took to her Super Bowl press conference in appropriate Perry attire and wasn't shy about cracking jokes with the pushy reporters, explaining that "nothing in my performance will be deflated" and even taking sides in the match up with comments about only showing up because she didn't want to get fined (a nod to Marshawn...
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