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Alice Eve is retro sexy while hanging with Rose McGowan & filming in West Hollywood

I'm not entirely sure what it was that Alice Eve was filming when she was snapped in her retro red evening gown, making a pit stop at a liquor store to pick up some smokes, with actress Rose McGowan in tow. According to Eve's current resume, she's supposedly in the middle of filming BEYOND DECEIT, but from all other accounts, that film is being shot in New Orleans. Ah, well. If it gives...
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Don't complain about Rumer Willis' face, just look at her ass

I don't understand all the whining about how Rumer Willis is supposedly a butterface or ugly or whatever creative adjective you want to come up with to demean her looks. I don't see all that big of a problem with Demi & Bruce's girl other than the fact that she's got a strong jawline like her father. When you look like your dad, why do you want to try and change that? Especially when your pop...
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Daveigh chase in see through blouse makes me happy

I was only thirteen years old when I saw The Ring in theaters, but I can still see the stain I left on the seat I was sitting in when I shit my pants all those years ago. Seriously, seeing that long haired girl crawl out of the television (spoiler alert?) absolutely ended my life and stopped me from ever using my TV as a nightlight again. Seeing her now, though, I’ve completely lost...
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