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Charisma Carpenter is refreshingly hot at the Thirst Gala

The Thirst Gala must be Charisma Carpenter's favorite charity night out. I covered her attendance back in 2014 and then again last year and she was just as hot then as now. I don't think she's sporting the same nipple shields this time as she did in 2014 but it did look as if she was using the double-sided tape trick for this body-hugging gown. Honestly, she looks just as good, if not...
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The gang from Buffy graces the cover of EW with a whole lotta Charisma

It makes sense that David Boreanaz wouldn't have aged much in 20 years, he is a vampire, after all. But it's great to see that the rest of the cast from Buffy the Vampire Slayer are holding up rather well 20 years after the show debuted. (Nicholas Brendon being the exception. Also, Michelle Trachtenberg , who seems to really have taken on a DGAF attitude toward Hollywood & her...
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Charisma Carpenter was a busty drink of water at the 7th Annual Thirst Gala

It's weird to me to look up and discover that Cordelia, aka Charisma Carpenter will be turning 46-years old next month, perhaps because I truly believed that she was hottest teenager on Earth back when she was roaming the Buffy sets. I don't know whether to congratulate her on looking so good for so long or be sad that it means I'm getting older as well. Carpenter is less well known for her...
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